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Transfers Barcelona: pessimism at Bernardo Silva

Transfers Barcelona: pessimism at Bernardo Silva

In the middle of a summer full of transfer rumors and transfer expectations, Bernardo Silva (28) is again at a crossroads. The talented Portuguese midfielder appears to have fallen victim to an elusive fate as his long-awaited move to FC Barcelona is at stake. However, the player’s patience is stretched and time is running out as the Premier League draws ever closer.

Sources close to the player have confirmed that Bernardo Silva has come to terms with the possibility that his dream of joining Barcelona could dwindle again. The Catalan club are facing financial difficulties that make City reluctant to sell one of their pillars. Faced with this reality, the player is ready to accept an extension at Manchester City, a team that has been willing to offer an elite player contract worldwide.

The Portugal international has waited patiently for two long years, ignoring suggestions from his own club and waiting for an offer worthy of his worth. Despite holding talks with Pep Guardiola about his departure wish, the expected offer has yet to materialize. Bernardo Silva wants his future secured before the start of the Premier League but pessimism is growing at Barcelona and negotiations have been complicated by City’s inflexibility.

He has an extension offer on the table

According to MundoDeportivo, the situation leaves Bernardo Silva with a dilemma: continue to wait for Barcelona’s offer or accept the contract extension with Manchester City. Time is against him and it seems the balance is tilting towards the second option. However, the Portuguese still harbors one last hope that Barcelona will make further efforts to complete his signing.

Meanwhile, Barcelona face a race against time to secure the signing Xavi has craved most since taking charge at Barça. Negotiations are working, but the situation is getting more and more complicated. Bernardo Silva and his football future are uncertain.

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