The FC Barcelona He will have to juggle facing the next transfer market, since his economy is hanging by a thread and he will need several incomes. One of the main additions to take into account will be the Robert Lewandowskiand it is that the Bayern Munich has already put a price on the great desire of the team of Xavi Hernandez.

different sources They assure that both FC Barcelona and Robert Lewandowski could have closed a contract agreement that would consist of three seasons and a salary of 9 million a year for the Polish striker. These sources affirm that the agreement is ‘total’ and assume that Barça will obtain the necessary funds to sign the Polish striker.

Lewandowski’s situation is not so clear

The situation of Robert Lewandowski with the Bayern Munich and the FC Barcelona It is very similar to that of Mbappé with Real Madrid and PSG, and the fact is that both have become a triangle in which one club and another confirm and deny different information. According to the Bayern Munich board, Lewandowski will continue one more season with the German team, with whom he will fulfill his contract.

However, there are many and from different media from different countries those news that link Lewandowski with FC Barcelona, ​​with which, as we have advanced, there could already be a contract agreement. Lewandowski has a contract until 2023 and his price would be around 35 million, which Barça could have once some sales have been made. In addition to this, he plans another series of non-sports income for which he could collect up to 200 million euros.

At the moment, everything indicates that the German board is trying to calm the waters in order to try to retain the Polish striker, but it seems that Robert Lewandowski is not up to the job and it is only a matter of time before Barça finally get the necessary funds to make a formal offer to reach an agreement with the Bavarians. Will Barça finally sign Lewandowski? Everything indicates that yes, but neither can it be ruled out that it becomes a new ‘Mbappé case’.


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