Transfers Atlético Amrabat | La Fiore plays la longuis but will end up giving in

 Transfers Atlético Amrabat |  La Fiore plays la longuis but will end up giving in

Atlético de Madrid is making a salary gap to be able to undertake the signing of the Moroccan midfielder Sofyan Amrabat, at the moment his team is reluctant to let go

The world past left us with an explosion of players that many did not know very well. One of them is Sofyan Amrabatthe Moroccan midfielder, who has dazzled the coach of the Atletico Madrid. A signing that, for the moment, finds great resistance from La Fiorentina, the club that owns the rights to him.

It seems clear that with the departures of Joao Félix and Matheus Cunha, Atlético de Madrid will have to strengthen itself. However, since they no longer have European competition, they may be able to hold on in attack with Morata, Correa, Griezmann and Carrasco. Today a player like Amrabatwhich makes the midfield of the Athletic bite again

Atlético has a great squad and must wake up several footballers

Amrabat to Atlético to recover the cholista spirit

Because if this Atlético de Madrid suffers from something, it is from having lost the Cholista DNA. The keys that allowed Simeone to make Atlético a feared team throughout Europe. Do not give up a ball for lost, do not concede chances, join the lines a lot to suffocate the opponent’s game…

Nowadays, Atlético de Madrid barely presses up, they split easily and concede many more chances to their opponents. It has lost that competitive essence. The paradox explains itself: they surely have a better squad than years ago, but competitively they are a much worse team.

La Fiore refuses to let go…

Hence, Amrabat sounds strong to arrive at Atlético in January. The Moroccan came out in the last World Cup in Qatar and in his team, Fiorentina, they know that they have a footballer on their hands for whom half of Europe sighs. At the moment they are asking for 20 million euros, but Atlético is confident that they can negotiate.

Amrabat would provide Atlético with greater intensity in the midfield, allowing players like Griezmann or Koke to focus more on generating play. We are facing key days. It is an operation of attrition, of defoliating the daisy, but at Atlético they trust that it will end up being done.


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