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It was a Sunday afternoon and bumper cars recreated in a coal mine Scotland where Extreme E played its second date of the season. the day started better than on the previous day, since the conditions allowed the planned program to be completed, but chaos didn’t take long in establishing itself within a scenario as peculiar as it is conflictive at the moment of truth. The first classification was passed without major shocks, but with the surprise of seeing how the best three on Saturday suffered more than anyone tried to find their place in a final that, just 24 hours before, they had been able to dominate without major complications. But it will be that you never have to forget that thing is not how it starts, but how it ends. AND before finishing, there were still too many things to see.

The second qualifying began with a double accident on the first lap. The Cupra and Carl Cox cars caused the first impact important after losing control, ending against the protections. And right after, the McLaren suffered a spin which fortunately for Gilmour had a much lower price than that of his rivals, as he was able to finish the course. The second group experienced chaos at the start and Veloce Racing knew how to take advantage from a situation that, in addition to qualifying them for the final, was the prelude to the final victory they achieved against Woking and Ganassi. Meanwhile, Acciona Sainz found itself cornered by Rosberg’s team, Laia Sanz spun and Mikaela ended up against Cristina Gutiérrez’s X44. It was a save yourself who can.

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And Sainz’s team was able to do it despite their abandonment, as the morning result was good enough to preserve the hope of maintaining a lead that vanished with Veloce’s victory. The reason, another run-in on a track that by then limited a yellow flag zone due to poor visibility and lack of traction by the mud that had formed with the rain. It was a delicate scenario with a common enemy: mud. The start was clean but when the car chase began, one could only ask for mercy.

never needed it the pair of Veloce, who had no rival, and it would not have been bad for Acciona Sainz after the change of driver. Because when it was necessary to defend the podiumLaia and Mikaela met again… head on. The zero visibility made them hit head-on and both the Spanish structure and the RxR ended up out of the race, serving the podium on a platter for McLaren (in their best result of the year) and Ganassi. Staying out of danger was enough to get away with it.

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