Tragedy in Italy: a trail athlete dies attacked by a bear

Andrea Papi, a 26-year-old trail athlete (mountain races), died from a bear attack in a wooded area of ​​Val di Sole, in northern Italy. The body of the runner, who was mortally wounded by the animal, was found at dawn on Thursday, April 6, and the subsequent autopsy confirmed the cause.

A bear attacked and killed Papi. The victim, as initially thought, did not fall off an embankment, but was alive at the time of the attack. The young man had left his home, in the small town of Caldes, to train in the mountains. He ran just over an hour and he ascended to Malga Grum, at 1,525 meters, from where he sent a video to his mother and posted an Instagram story with a single word and a photo of the mountain: “Peace”. Since then, he has given no further signs, so his family and his partner, Alessia Gregori, decided to notify the carabinieri. The tracking of the dogs found his body, which presented a deep wound in the stomach and bites.

Last month, a hiker was already attacked. The authorities, who have monitored the movements of the bear colony, believe that a plantigrade identified as MJ5 could be the cause. “There have been attacks on farms in the last month,” the neighbors complain. If confirmed, he will be captured and euthanized.

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