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Tragedy in American motorcycling with Jason Aguilar

Jason Aguilar.

Hard news for American motorcycling after the serious accident suffered by Jason Aguilar last Saturday while practicing mountain biking. The 25-year-old Californian, who was champion of the Superstock 600 in 2017 and competed in the last three MotoAmerica races in Superbike, the main category, suffered irreversible brain damage and will be disconnected from life support once the blood donation process has been completed. organs, according to his father Bob in a statement on social networks.

“Our son, a MotoAmerica rider, avid mountain biker, and friend to many, had a terrible accident Saturday morning in Laguna on his mountain bike. His friends, Alex and Anthony, acted quickly to get him to Mission Hospital Viejo, where he underwent surgery to alleviate the bleeding in his brain,” explains Bob, who says that Jason’s brain “went without oxygen for too long before the surgery” even though the operation “successfully stopped the bleeding.”

“As a result of the lack of oxygen, he suffered irreversible catastrophic brain damage,” add in your writing. Jason is an “organ donor”, so once the donation process is completed and given his irreversible situation, “life support will be withdrawn”: “The hospital is making arrangements for the donation of his organs and for his recipients . Once that is complete, you will be taken off life support. We hope that Jason lives on in your memories and ours, and that donating his organs allows his memory to live on in others.” Rest in peace.

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