Traders highlight the importance of maintaining trade relations with Haiti

The president of National Council of Trade in ProvisionsJulio César Pérez Mata, took stock of the current situation of Dominican trade and highlighted the importance of relations with Haiti for the sector, while expressing its support for the government’s call to the United Nations Organization to intervene in that country.

When giving a speech during a lunch with businessmen and business partners, for the twenty-first anniversary of the National Council for Trade in Provisions, Pérez Mata highlighted the importance of Dominican-Haitian trade relations, both for industry and for trade.

He explained that this can only be achieved under an environment of peace and harmony "why we support and We see the government’s call to the UN as positive, so that our sister nation intervenes actively and effectively. in this great problem, given the lack of their own capacity that allows them to get out of the current crisis"said the merchant.

The wholesale leader asked the government for effective customs surveillance for imports, which guarantees a balance between merchants, as well as the payment recession conditions for importers, both foreign and Dominican, thus guaranteeing competition on equal terms. Likewise, requested the confirmation of a body of commercial advisers in which the wholesalers represented in the CNCP are integrated to discuss the best way to maintain the country as an example of free competition and commercial equality.
"We take advantage of this scenario to send our formal petition to President Luis Abinader, since being the wholesalers and importers of the CNCP, the main allies of the national industry, we are in a position to form a body of commercial advisers, with whom we periodically discuss the best way to maintain our country as an example of free competition. and trade equality"he pointed.

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Perez Mata urgently requested the government to focus on producing structural changes in the Dominican tax system, to facilitate the formalization of thousands of MSME businesses.

"It is known to all that the high costs that such formalization implies prevent these small merchants from being motivated to do so, something that we understand is essential and necessary, since the formalization processes of MSMEs would contribute to the growth and stability of our economy."held.

He gave as an example the announcement of the Social Policy Cabinet, regarding the delivery of the Christmas bonus of RD$1,500 that will benefit two million Dominicans, for a total of RD$3,000 million with which the MSME merchants who are still in business could have benefited. informality.

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