Traders also consider it inappropriate and inappropriate to promote tax reform in the midst of a pandemic

The National Confederation of Provisions and SMEs Trade (Confecomercio) considered that it is inappropriate and inappropriate for the Executive Power to promote a Tax Reform in the midst of the crisis generated by the pandemic, while warning Congress and party leaders and social institutions that the country would not withstand the havoc that the imposition would generate from a reform that will undoubtedly exacerbate the country’s deep economic crisis.

“We consider that a large majority of merchants have disappeared in the last 18 months, victims of shortages, lack of supply, high operating costs, crime, labor liabilities and unfair competition, that is why before proposing and applying a reform the Government it must seek solutions together with society to somehow keep jobs, “said Confecomercio president Gilberto Luna.

The commercial leader expressed that at this time Food prices continue to rise and there is a shortage of dozens of goods as a result of bottlenecks and decrease in shipments of industrial and imported products in international markets.

Luna stressed that “that is why today, October 20, call us to the supply dealers to stand up and fight to avoid further undercapitalization, bankruptcy and loss of jobs,” a statement said.

Luna considered that a tax reform will bring more unemployment, shortages, price increases, more bankruptcy in commerce and MSMEs, as well as a decrease in people’s purchasing power, a reduction in business profitability and at the same time it will slow down the country’s economic recovery deteriorated by the coronavirus pandemic.


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