Trade in sight at Dallas Mavericks to build winning team for Doncic

The disappointing season of the Dallas Mavericks has caused the franchise to look for solutions in the postseason to put Luka Doncic in a position to fight for the ring

the shadow of that luka doncic surprise with a transfer request has begun to fly over by dallas mavericks. It is not for less, because the season has been disappointing at all levels. Likewise, the franchise has run out of options to build around the Slovenian star, since they barely control their Draft picks and do not have interesting players with transfer contracts.

After the transfer of Kyrie Irving, the Texas franchise has been left in a very difficult situation for the future. Rebuild options come down to this season’s Draft pick, young players like Green and Hardy, and bad contracts like Bertans and McGee. But there is still another option for you Dallas Mavericks can rebuild around Luka Doncic.

Doncic-Irving partnership could break up this summer

The trade that the Dallas Mavericks can still complete to build a new project for Doncic

As we have recently discussed, Dallas Mavericks have no choice but to re-sign Kyrie Irving this summer. If they don’t, they would risk losing one of the best in the league, for whom they gave a first round of the Draft and important role players like Dinwiddie and Finney-Smith. But the renewal of the point guard could lead to a transfer.

And it is that the latest information coming from the United States suggests that Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers could close a trade focused on Kyrie Irving and D’Angelo Russell. Both point guards are out of contract at the end of this season, so the operation would have to be closed through a sign-and-trade.

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D’Angelo Russell, option for Dallas Mavericks

Right now, The big problem with the Dallas Mavericks is that they don’t have Draft picks to trade for the best players in the league. That’s why they could opt to send Kyrie Irving to the Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell and two first rounders. Two first rounds that are highly valued in the current NBA, as it is expected that the Californians will be a bad team in the coming years.

Thus, Dallas Mavericks would get pieces of the future interesting enough to build a new team around Doncic. And it is that they could join the Draft picks to players like Davis Bertans to be able to incorporate much more valuable players into the team, such as Mikal Bridges, for whom they are asking between three and four first rounds.

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