Home Sports Toyota is not afraid of Audi: “We are faster”

Toyota is not afraid of Audi: “We are faster”

Toyota is not afraid of Audi: "We are faster"

There is approximately a month left to start the 45th edition of the Dakar, but there are those who have already started their private war. Toyota has unveiled the project with which they will try to revalidate the Touareg in Saudi Arabia and convinced of their superiority, they have taken advantage of that confidence to send a message to all their rivals in general, and Audi in particular. “We are faster and we arrive very well prepared”, assured Glyn Hall, team leader of the Japanese firm in the mythical raid, during the presentation of an alignment that will guide Al Attiyah again. The Qatari will be the leader again, as it could not be otherwise, and will look for a new celebration at the controls of a car that has undergone “literally hundreds of improvements in the (prototype) from last year”.

“None have been dramatic,” confirms the South African, since the base was competitive enough not to start from scratch, but relevant enough so that these “adjustments affect all areas”. The confidence is absolute, “the work could not have been done better”, and now the Hilux T1+ Only a few rivals should be measured, such as the brand of the four, compared to those who, according to Hall, arrive with a certain disadvantage: “Our maximum weight remains at 2,000 kg and Audi drops from 2150 to 2100″. They will be penalized on the scale but will gain in performance, after a reduction in power of 30 kW that will allow them to “get the most out of the engine”.

They will be able to squeeze everything that the terrain allows them thanks to a “very good car” that Nasser will share with Mathieu Baumel in the passenger seat. With this crew, which will also compete in the entire World Rally Raid Championship while also defending the crown, Toyota will try to come out on top in a fight where they will have “advantage in some terrain and Audi in the dunes”. Where will the key be? In “not making mistakes in navigation”… an old story from which Al Attiyah always came out on top and in which, in case of doubt, he can also count on the help of the other two official Hilux T1+ who will seek to extend the brand domain.

Despite the fact that the Qatari, with four Touaregs, is the most successful in the lineup, he will also share a structure with another Dakar winner. giniel de villiers (winner of the test in 2009) will have Dennis murphy as co-pilot and the third musketeer, Henk lategan, will have Brett Cummings on the right side of the passenger compartment. After the mythical raid his fate will be different from Nasser’s, Well, both will focus on the South African Championship of the specialty, where they have developed a prototype that returns for all.

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