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This was the big surprise last week. Ryan Reynolds offered us an exclusive video to announce the arrival of Deadpool 3 the September 4, 2024. If the film was conspicuously absent from the studio’s last D23, it will launch phase 5 of the mcu. The feature film will be directed by Shawn Levy and bring back Ryan Reynolds in the role of the mercenary Wade Wilson. But not only. Fans were surprised and excited by the news of the return of Wolverineembodied by Hugh Jackman. The Australian comedian, appearing furtively in the video announcement of Ryan Reynoldsthen made a second, longer appearance, taking on the task of explaining that his presence in the film will not tarnish the film’s legacy. Logan of James Mangold (2017) since the latter will be located in a different temporality.

We should thus find a Wolverine less in bad shape than in the twilight film of the American filmmaker. If we simply know of this Deadpool 3 that Logan and Wade will cross swords (or not)fans are wondering about the presence of other key characters from the first two Dead Pool as Domino (Zazie Beetz), Cable (Josh Brolin) but also Ajax/Francisembodied by Ed Skrein. The 39-year-old actor played the antagonist of the first opus, and the one who was responsible for the genetic mutation of Wade Wilson.

If he died at the end of the film, it is no longer an open secret: Marvel proved that in his world, no one really passes the weapon on the left and that he could, by force of circumstances, return to cause problems for the Red mercenary. However, a return seems despite everything compromised if we stick to the words of the actor:

“Look, I have all the comics where he comes back with the costume, the flying things, the teeth, the eyes, and everything. I think he ends up being strangled by Deadpool at the bottom of a river to really die. It was a privilege to be part of the first movie, man. I would be very happy to leave it as it is. It would be the happiest thing to move on and I would also be super happy to go back. They have a great team of Hugh, Ryan and Shawn. They have an incredible team. I’ll be there the first week with my popcorn and I’ll just be there as a fan. »

A way for Ed Skrein to draw a definitive line here on his sympathetic passage at Marvel.

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