Tourists trapped in the forest due to rain were rescued, video

130 tourists who were trapped in the forest of the Indian state of Telangana were safely rescued due to the rise in the level of the river.

According to foreign media reports, a group of tourists went to enjoy the view of a waterfall in the jungle in Mulg district when it rained, causing the river to rise and making it difficult for them to get out.

These individuals wanted to see the view of the waterfall during the rainy season which became a disturbing situation for them as darkness fell and they were trapped in the forest.

The tourists informed the police control room over phone, around midnight teams of police, NDRF and DDRF went on a mission to rescue the persons safely.

The rescue operation continued for several hours to save the victims, the stranded tourists are said to be from Warangal and Kreminger districts.

Between 2 am and 2:30 am, the tourists were safely pulled out of the forest while the rescue teams took food and water bottles with them.

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