Tourist workers will initiate legal actions so that the 10% tip is not withheld

The National Federation of Tourism Workers (Fesitratur) announced that it will start legal actions to prevent workers in that sector from withholding the 10% that corresponds to them for tips that by law corresponds to them and that the businessmen appropriate.

The president of this federation, Justo Carmona, said that, if it is counted, the hoteliers and owners of other businesses in that sector of the economy have illegally carried millions of pesos in their pockets, Therefore, he considered that the time has come to stop this practice that harms workers.

Carmona offered these statements during the assembly in which the Federation was constituted, in which delegates from eighteen unions, organized in the tourist areas of the country, participated.

In the meeting, resolutions were approved that were assumed as part of the work program of the new federation affiliated with the National Confederation of Dominican Workers (CNTD)speaking out in favor of the fight for freedom of association and collective bargaining and that the government include them in its housing plans.

Resolutions were also approved that seek to promote the application of public policies to promote women’s rights and promote gender equality, as well as to seek the education and training of tourism workers through the National Institute of Professional Technical Training.

The election of the directive was integrated by José Justo Beltré Carmona, as president, Máximo Donato Guillen, Félix Eduardo Viloria and Narciso Cabral as general and finance secretary, respectively.

Also Pedro José Brito Castro as director of mediation, negotiation and human rights, Rosell Johnson Santana, director of education, Doraliza Linares Severino, act and correspondence secretary, and Francisca Paula Fernández as director of Gender.

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Likewise, Nicolás de la Rosa and Armando de León and Cándida María García, directors of cooperative promotion, protection policies for migrant workers and international relations, respectively.

The commissioners elected were Nelson Peralta and Bernardo Sosa and for the disciplinary tribunal Nery Núñez, as judge, Juan Carlos Tiburcio as prosecutor and Otoniel Javier Linares as secretary.

The tourist pole coordinators are San Carpacio Sosa Pérez, Anastasio Muños Ramírez, Carlos Javier Acevedo Brea, Rubén Soriano Mejía, Bernardo Javier and Misael Evangelista.

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