Tourist who scratched the walls of the Roman Colosseum confesses; this is what he said

Ivan Dimitrov, the tourist who wrote his name and that of his partner, Hayley Braceyon one of the walls of the Colosseum, in Rome, apologized with a public letter to acknowledge “with utter shame” that he did not know exactly what was damaging.

“I didn’t know it was an ancient monument,” said this man of Bulgarian origin and resident in London, now accused of vandalism.

“I admit with total shame that only after what happened I found out about the antiquity of the monument“, explained this tourist in a letter sent to authorities and collected by the italian newspaper the messenger. In his text, he asks “sincere apologies” to the Italians and “to the whole world” for having damaged “an asset that, in fact, is the patrimony of all humanity.”

Dimitrov, who works as a personal trainer, recorded the message “Ivan + Hailey 23” as a gesture towards his fiancĂ©e. and now he risks a penalty that can reach five years in prison and a fine of 5,000 euros. His action was widely disseminated on social networks and the media, which has made it easier for researchers to identify the author of the inscription, who now recognizes the “seriousness” of his action.


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