Before each visit by a minister, municipalities usually take care to prepare the ground. This is what the town hall of Toulouse would have obviously done, but in its own way, on September 25, before the arrival of Jean Castex. Several residents of the Saint-Cyprien district claim that their car was loaded by the impound before the arrival of the Prime Minister, reports The Dispatch. However, they ensure that no parking ban had been reported to them.

“No sign prohibited parking in the neighborhood,” says one of them, who pays an annual parking subscription. And to get carried away: “What a shame…! I had to pay 130 € to recover my vehicle. I also received a fine of 35 € which I will logically contest”.

However, the town hall of Toulouse affirms to The Independent Opinion have indeed taken a temporary order prohibiting parking. “The route of the official visit was confirmed with the municipal police on Thursday, September 23 at 5 p.m. The temporary order prohibiting parking was taken the same evening and the signage put in place immediately at the entrances to the perimeters concerned. , so that the regulatory deadline of 24 hours of advertising is respected “, affirms the municipality. But according to residents, the signage in question was difficult to spot. “Afterwards, I saw A4 sheets stuck on panels and drowned in the mass of information. I understand that people are upset”, concedes a resident of the district of Saint-Cyprien, in the columns of La Dépêche.

This is not the first time that residents have found themselves forced to retrieve their vehicle from the pound after the passage of Jean Castex. On January 29, 53 inhabitants of Grigny, in Essonne, had the bad surprise of not finding their car any more, after the Prime Minister had visited their city. But faced with the general discontent, the municipality had promised to reimburse the residents fined.


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