Toulouse: a Muslim school reported to justice

The report to justice dates from last July. After two checks at the Al-Badr Muslim school in Toulouse (31), the rector of the Toulouse Academy noted shortcomings within the establishment.

The latter points out in particular the impossibility of ensuring experimental scientific teaching, for lack of premises and laboratory equipment and poor maintenance of the register of teachers and student attendance.

While the parents of the 130 students of the school group have been ordered to enroll their children in another school, the mayor of Toulouse urges the government to act, in a letter sent to the Minister of National Education.

Already in 2016, the Al-Badr school was forced to close by the criminal court for non-compliant teaching. At the time, its director was sentenced to a 4-month suspended prison sentence, two decisions that had been challenged by the Court of Appeal in 2018.

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