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Tottenham’s millionaire response to Kane

Tottenham's millionaire response to Kane

If Bayern Munich does not give up due to Thomas Tuchel’s great goal to reinforce its lead, despite the refusals received from Tottenham, the English team will even less so. The second offer of 80 million made by the Bavarians days agoof which he reported the Daily Mailyou will not only receive your corresponding ‘no’ from the directive spursbut it will lead to Tottenham’s own counter offer for Harry Kane.

in the british newspaper The Telegraph report that the still English striker of the spurs “He could earn £400,000 a week if he stays at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium”. And it is that Harry Kane still has to “meet for the first time with his new coach, Ange Postecoglou.” Once the league season in England ended, the Tottenham captain concentrated on the Three Lions and after the holidays it is time for Harry Kane to return this week to training with the group and meet again with his teammates.

Yes ok “Harry Kane has given no indication that he will extend his contract beyond next season”the salary that Tottenham would be willing to pay him to keep him in north London, according to this medium, would mean a before and after in the salary structure of the team spurs.

According to the websites specialized in Premier League salaries, the 29-year-old striker is the highest paid in the team at £200,000 a week. That is to say, the renewal of Harry Kane would entail doubling his salary. “However, it is unlikely that Harry Kane’s decision will be economic and Ange Postecoglou must convince the player that he can take Tottenham back to Europe and achieve success with the club.”Add The Telegraph.

In the first appearance of the new Australian coach of the spurshe stated: “My conversation with him will be about how we can make this club successful… I want him here.”.

Tottenham are still reluctant to let him go, but their position is not as ironclad as at the beginning of the summer transfer market, nor was Ange Postecoglou promised that Harry Kane would remain at the club for the 2023-2024 season. In the information published in the Daily Mail As a result of the second offer from the Munich citizens, it was stated that “Tottenham has gone on to make no further comment on the matter, which is being interpreted by the local press as a sign that Spurs are getting used to the idea of ​​letting him go”.

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