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Tottenham’s madness for Harry Kane

Tottenham's madness for Harry Kane

Tottenham Hotspurs chairman Daniel Levy has presented a tempting offer to his star, Harry Kane. The London club seeks to ensure the permanence of the English striker, who has been the subject of speculation about an alleged interest from Bayern Munich.

Levy’s proposal includes a contract through the end of Kane’s football career, as well as a position at the institution once he decides to hang up his boots. This offer is a sign of the recognition and admiration that Tottenham has for its most emblematic player.

according to account MirrorIn order to convince Kane to stay at the club, Tottenham have put a generous salary offer on the table. According to reports, the latest renewal proposal consists of 400,000 euros per week, exactly double what the striker currently receives. This figure would place him among the highest paid footballers in the world.

Tottenham are determined to do everything they can to keep Kane away from Bayern Munich, a club that has shown constant interest in signing him for several weeks. With his proposal, President Levy hopes to show Kane the club’s commitment to his future and his importance to the long-term project.

The relationship between Harry Kane and Tottenham has been close and fruitful over the years. Kane has become the club’s all-time top scorer and an idol for the fans. His talent and leadership are fundamental pillars in the team.

They want to turn it into an institution

The offer of a life contract and a role in the institution after his retirement is a gesture that reinforces the connection between the player and the club. Series a testament to the lasting impact Kane has left on Tottenham.

Now, the decision is in the hands of Harry Kane. he needs to weigh his loyalty to Tottenham, the lure of a new experience abroad, and the possibilities that joining Bayern Munich could open up in terms of titles and elite competitions.

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