Tottenham’s demand from Harry Kane to sell it in summer

the future of Harry Kane Looking ahead to the next season remains uncertain. Despite the fact that the English striker has not declared that he wants to leave and has not even closed the opportunity to stay, his decision is linked to how the season ends for the Tottenham in both the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

The English striker wants to win titles, so he knows he needs to be in a project with important aspirations. The continuity of Antonio Conte is key, taking into account that his departure (his contract ends in the summer of 2023), would lead to a project starting from scratch and Kane wanting to seek new destinations.

Tottenham’s demand from Harry Kane to sell it in summer

Tottenham knows that it will be difficult to retain their main figure, taking into account that his contract ends in the summer of 2024 and they cannot afford to let him go as a free agent. They have told the footballer that they are open to letting him leave if a good offer for him arrives, but they have given him a key condition.

As reported by the British newspaper The Times, the North London team has informed Harry Kane that it will not sell him to another Premier League team in the summer, which complicates the possibility of ending up in another Big-Six club. Bayern Munich is the only foreign club that has noticed him for next summer.

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