By order of Antonio Conte, the former Eibar attacker is not authorized to return to England

The last decision of Tottenham Hotspurteam that owns the pass Bryan Gilhas pleased the coach of Valencia CF. Jose Bordalás He has learned through the Valencian directors, that the Italian coach in charge of the Spurs team, has no place for the Barbatian striker, once his assignment in Mestalla ends.

Although the striker is showing an admirable performance in the Alicante squad, he has not convinced Count to give it a new chance in your scheme. That is why the idea of british team is to continue keeping the player in LaLiga Santander, and since he is in the club Cheprolong your stay there.

Valencia Bryan
Bryan Gil feels very comfortable in the Bordalás squad, and asks to continue at Mestalla.

A Tottenham condition jeopardizes Bryan Gil’s stay at Valencia

Both Tottenham and Valencia want the attacker to continue one more season at Mestalla and under Bordalás’ orders. The coach has been one of the first to express his vote of confidence in the player, and he is comfortable in the coach’s squad. However, a condition of the English club would ruin everything.

Various information that arrives from different important media in Great Britain, assure that the London team will demand a fee to continue lending to the left winger. This undoubtedly deflates the desire of the black and white club to continue keeping the player in their tactical scheme. The Valencian directors have been clear and will not pay an extra fee for the transfer.

Valencia will pressure Tottenham with Bryan Gil himself so that they do not charge anything for their transfer

From the Che board of directors, they have chosen to authorize the extension of Bryan Gil’s loan, if he does not have extra charges to pay his file. But since in this case the English club has already stated that they will indeed charge an additional payment, the Valencian sports management has devised a tactic to change the rules of the game.

The idea of ​​​​Valencia is to pressure Tottenham through Bryan Gil himself, so that he is the one who asks in an attentive and personal way for his stay in the Che team. The advantage is that the striker feels good in Bordalás’ squad, since Bordalás has given him the necessary minutes to increase his competitive pace.


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