The Spurs do not intend to keep the basics and focus on a new variant in order to obtain one of the best strikers on the continent

This period of transfers being a real mystery around the entrances and exits of some of the clubs of LaLiga Santander. As is the case of RCD Espanyol, which is still pending the multiple attacks that teams like the Tottenham Hotspur by RDT at the request of his coach.

The initial offers are still in full doubt because of the low, since he is considered the star of the parakeets, a footballer who should not go out for less than €60 million. In regards to the spurs They have surfaced a purchase offer, and they wanted to put two players in their options folder.

Thomas Raul
The English team comes with everything for the parakeet attacker.

In the hand is the fact of deciding, with two Tottenham players who could be useful for a Espanyol that sees the idea of ​​permeating the continuity of RDT very far

The protagonists of this execution are: Gio Lo Celso, and Bryan Gil. Each in their own style are quite interesting players; with a future and with a clear talent that could be used for the benefit of the squad led by Vicente Moreno. It is not known if this will be taken into account or not, but for now it is in the deck of alternatives.

Immediately, the Argentinian, a player who also tracks Betis, is very striking. He is a footballer with great handling of the ball, who plays in the second row but who has no problems, and in fact he has already fulfilled it, in playing in the first row. He has control, he knows how to manage times, he has a goal and he is very intelligent.

Although Bryan Gil appears on the list, it is still very far away

Beyond that it appears immersed here, this possibility is much more complex. Not only because Sevilla loves him, but because for the player it is in his bases to be able to return to Nervión. He also has an unaffordable salary and that conditions a lot for all those who want to look for an option.

The decision must be ready to fall. Although they have not defined much else, everything remains planned and ready to be executed as everyone expects. RDT continues to stand out and that will undoubtedly lead it to migrate, with the Premier League always appearing as a highly respected rival.


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