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Tottenham look to Sadiq in case Harry Kane leaves

It is curious that no team reached Almeria last summer bidding hard for the big reveal of the season in Second division: Umar Sadiq. The Nigerian forward scored 20 goals and gave 7 assists, although that was not enough for Almería to go up to First. The Andalusians received a proposal like that of Seville, which came to offer 10 million more goals, which did not meet their expectations. They trusted to keep it, knowing that its price is much higher and because of how the season has started, they were not wrong.

In just eight league games, Sadiq has already accumulated 6 goals and 3 assists. It is clear that the Segunda falls short of this tall 1.92-meter tall forward who has a very good top speed, as well as great handling with his feet. Because of his figure, he knows how to hold the ball perfectly, but, in addition, he is a footballer who likes to drive and dribble rivals a lot, something unusual for someone of his stature, who we would associate more with a striker who is not very mobile and auctioneer. Sadiq has many more records.

Tottenham is already following him closely

In the league, several teams were interested in him, as we have mentioned. Sevilla was the one who most seriously went for the Nigerian, but Almería asked for at least 25 million euros to start negotiating, a figure that the Sevilla fans could not reach. The idea of ​​the white and red team is that Sadiq surpasses Darwin Núñez as the best sale in the history of the Second Division. For the Uruguayan, Benfica paid 24 kilos two summers ago.

Although Sadiq has a clause of 60 million euros, the people of Almería know that this is an unattainable price for anyone, so they would be happy to sell it for 30. This is a prohibitive amount for any LaLiga club, so foreign leagues They are the ones who would have the best chance of signing him.

As far as we have learned, the Tottenham It has already been following him through a Big Data consulting company, thus receiving reports of his next actions. The idea of ​​the British team is to find a replacement for Harry Kane, in the event that he ends up leaving London. The Spurs have more options in the pipeline, like some more experienced British strikers in the Premier, but they see Sadiq with the potential to turn those 30 million into at least double within a couple of years.


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