Home Sports Tottenham joins the race for Joao Félix

Tottenham joins the race for Joao Félix

Tottenham joins the race for Joao Félix

Joao Félix continues without making a final decision on his immediate future, all this while the Portuguese player continues to accumulate suitors throughout this transfer market, Tottenham being the last to join the list of candidates to take over the services of the attacker.

According to the latest information, the newcomer to the bench Ante Postecogluwould have put on the table the name of joao felix as an ideal relief in the event that Harry Kane finally leaves the English team this summer, being the signing of the footballer from Atletico Madrid a coup d’état to try to get back to the top positions in the premier leagueas long as the footballer agreed to head to London, something that does not seem to be the case at the moment since the desire to joao Felix happens to play for Paris Saint-Germain.

Aston Villa is also left without Joao

The set of Unai Emery was another of the English clubs interested in the signing of joao felixbut as we say, the footballer’s interest in trying his luck in the Parch of the princes makes a second chance in England impossible after going unnoticed by the chelThat is, now pending whether Joao will achieve his desire to play for PSG or if, on the contrary, he will have to settle for another destination during 2023/2024.

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