London: The results of the local body elections in the United Kingdom were decided by toss, this decision was made after the votes of two candidates were equal.

Voting in elections is sometimes a contest between the candidates as a result of which the number of votes received by the candidates is shared or the candidates win by a small margin or just one extra vote.

A similar situation arose during the Moonmouthshire County Council election, in which the fate of the candidates was decided by a toss of a coin after the votes were tied.

People across the UK turned out to vote in their May 5 municipal elections, with South Wales having the lowest margin in Moonmouthshire County Council.

Since the two candidates received an equal number of votes after the final count, Labor’s Browney Nicholson faced Conservative Tomos Davis in the Moonmouthshire County Council, with both candidates receiving 679 votes.

The video of the winner of the toss was shared on the social networking site Twitter which went viral on social media. So far, more than 5,400 people have watched it.