Home Entertainment Tom Holland says he claimed scenes with Banderas in “Uncharted”

Tom Holland says he claimed scenes with Banderas in “Uncharted”

Tom Holland asegura que reclamó escenas con Banderas en "Uncharted"

At the age of 15, he became known as the boy of "The impossible" (2012) by JA Bayona and with 25 he has burst the world box office as Spiderman. Visiting Madrid to present "Uncharted"the actor has assured Efe today that he asked to have scenes with Antonio Banderas, the villain of the film.

"Antonio is a legend in the business, I wanted to work with him face to face and there is one scene in particular that we have together in the film that I am very proud of."Holland pointed out during a promotional interview at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

After a brief presentation yesterday in Barcelona, ​​where part of the action of the film takes place, Holland visited Madrid today together with the director Ruben Flesicher and Banderas himself, among dozens of admirers of the young actor who crowded at the doors of the theater to hunt for a photo or an autograph.

Holland says he is full of good memories of Spain since he shot the film with Bayona in Alicante.

"He is someone I admire and who has become almost like an older brother to me, I am grateful for the love and support I have had in Spain from the beginning.".

For an actor who, like him, has reached the top in a short time, the ideal dream is to catch a glimpse of a break.

"I am proud of my work, I dream of continuing to be happy and continue working and at some point be able to stop, have a family and disappear from the public sphere for a while."says the actor, currently in a relationship with another big star, Zendaya.

In "Uncharted"an action and adventure film that works as a prequel to the famous video game series created by Naughty Dog for Playstation, puts himself in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a highly capable petty thief but with a big heart.

If the protagonists of the video game are Drake and veteran treasure hunter Victor "Sulli" Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), the film that could start a new film saga – there are post-credit scenes that point in that direction – imagine how that relationship arose.

"It is a film of adventures and discoveries around the world"Holland notes, "but also about an orphan boy looking for a relative and in that search he meets Sully, the theme of friendship and how to overcome distrust are key".

The excuse that triggers the argument also explains the Hispanic aspect of this Hollywood blockbuster since it is about the search for a supposed treasure that Magellan found on his return to the world, completed by Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Banderas plays the ruthless Santiago Moncada, convinced that he and his family are the rightful heirs.

"This is a bad stranger"Banderas jokes, "because the treasure belongs to me, to my family and these two who are very nice and very handsome come and take it from me, I should be the hero of the movie, but that’s how things are in Hollywood".

For Fleischer, director of "welcome to zombieland"video games "Uncharted" they had all the elements for a great movie.

"In the center is the relationship between Nat and Sully, full of humor and with the classic dynamics of a ‘buddy movie’ but also the aesthetic is super cinematic and thirdly it has more incredible action sequences than any action movie you’ve ever seen. viewed".

The film combines shooting on set and in real locations and Barcelona has played a key role there. "We have shot in the Borne, in the Gothic Quarter, the Sagrada Familia… coming from America to a place like this with churches like Santa María del Pi that are 900 years old is something incredible for us, here you can feel history in every corner".


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