Tom Cruise, unable to control his anger, was killed in the face of the former manager

The famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is always in the news for his movies and works, but at this time Tom has entered the discussion for some other reason. The actor’s ex-manager has revealed that Top’s nature is very aggressive, they become they get angry very quickly and their temper becomes very bad due to anger. Tom Cruise’s former manager, Eileen Berlin, shared some anecdotes of the actor’s anger in a conversation with the Daily Mail and made many revelations.

Eileen Berlin was Tom Cruise’s first manager. She worked until the actor’s movie ‘Top Gun’ was released in 1986. The former manager said: “Tom’s manipulation was very bad. He also used to get very angry with his father.” She was in a bad mood…getting angry real fast. It was as if something was burning inside them, and it was going to boil and explode. I gave her an album with all her Teen Magazine articles on her 19th birthday. Seeing which she screamed and said ‘I don’t want to appear in Teen Magazine’. She told me that he considers himself an adult, not a teen idol. He hit me hard throwing the album which hit me on the cheek.

Let us tell you that ‘Top Gun’ actor Tom Cruise has become one of the biggest actors in the world today. Currently, the actor is busy filming his upcoming movie ‘Mission Impossible 7’. The film is expected to be released in September this year. Apart from this, the actor will be seen in ‘MI 8’.

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