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Tom Brady on being an underdog vs. Cowboys: I’ve never paid attention to those things

 Tom Brady on being an underdog vs.  Cowboys: I've never paid attention to those things

The NFL Super Wild Card Weekend end the confrontation between the Dallas cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on Monday night.

The Cowboys are favored in the sportsbooks by 2.5 points to advance to the divisional round of the National Conference. Nevertheless, that does not worry Tom Bradyquarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“They are in charge of those decisions and we have to go out and play well. It’s not really who is favorite or not, it’s who plays better. I have never paid attention to those things, I just try to play the best I can.”Brady said at Friday’s news conference.

In addition, the seven-time NFL champion assured that the Cowboys are a team with a lot of history and that he respects the Texan organization. Brady has faced Dallas seven times and has emerged victorious each time.but the quarterback pointed out that nothing from past games matters this time.

“They’re a great team, I’ve played them several times over the years and I respect the organization, their history,” said TB12. “However, it is about three o’clock on Monday night. Nothing from the past matters, nothing about the colors of the jerseys. It’s about who plays, how we play, how we execute under pressure.”.

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Most postseason wins

The 45-year-old quarterback has played in the playoffs in 17 seasons and is 35-12, which puts him at the top of the postseason win list. Brady said that’s because he was part of great teams in NFL history.

“It’s a blessing to have those kinds of memories and experiences. I have been blessed to be a part of great teams that got to this point and had great wins. Those are the teams you want to play for,” Brady said.

The winningest players not tied to any team Brady has played for are Jerry RiceTed hendricksCharlie Waters and DD Lewisall of them with 17 playoff wins.

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