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Token PKN: + 700% from ICO. And now ?

In the third phase of the ICO, the PKN token was selling for $ 0.01. As of this writing, the PKN / USDC pair is trading above $ 0.08. This development is partly due to the qualities of the project and the confidence that investors have in it over the long term.


After a very successful listing, the PKN token had 3 very encouraging first weeks. After 20 days of availability, the token saw its price appreciate from $ 0.012 to over $ 0.08. Zoom today on one of the most bankable tokens in the cryptosphere.

What is the Pokmi platform?

The Pokmi platform wants to be a kind of social network for porn. Like a Tik-Tok. This project has already won over investors for its desire to revolutionize the porn industry. How? By putting content creators at the center of the industry and guaranteeing them fairer incomes.

The ambition of the platform is also to modify user consumption. In particular, by offering an experience entirely based on blockchain and the use of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

Zoom on the PKN token from its Listing

The PKN token has seen its price multiplied by more than 8 (+ 700%) since its listing barely 3 weeks ago. On the following graph, we can see the dizzying rise of the token since it was put on the market on September 21 on the Uniswap and Pancakeswap platforms.

After a first bullish peak a few minutes after the listing which will see the “Poken” reach the $ 0.05 mark, the following minutes will correct. On the first days of trading, the token then settles in a range between 0.02 and 0.03 $.

Before really exploding on October 6. From $ 0.028 on October 6 to over $ 0.05 3 days later. The project will then experience high volatility during the day of October 9. At the time of writing, a token is trading for $ 0.086.

Staking and Pooling already available on the Pokmi platform

To support its project and try to stabilize it, the project leaders have just offered two new functionalities to holders of PKN tokens. Namely the possibility of pooling and staking their tokens.

For pooling, it is about storing its PKN tokens for ensure the liquidity of the project. Users who choose this option will then be able to generate interest. These will be distributed every Tuesday. Staking will allow you to grant yourself rewards such as NFTs from the platform.

The following image shows the different formulas that are accessible for holders of PKN tokens. Note that the staking formulas are only accessible to holders of more than 100,000 PKN. That is a little over 8,000 dollars at the current price of the token. For the Elite Pack, it is PKN 10 million that will have to be staked.

Good to know : Staking packs require you to block your PKN tokens for a period of 12 months. This is not the case with pooling.

What Developments in the Project in the Short and Medium Term?

In the very short term, holders of PKN tokens will wait for the date of Friday, October 15, 2021. On this date, 1 billion PKN will be burned. An amount that corresponds to what was not sold during the 3 phases of the ICO. While the total supply of tokens stood at 5 billion, the project will only have 4 billion tokens after October 15. If the news is known to investors, the price of PKN could still take off in the coming days and more particularly on D-Day. As we had seen with the price of Ethereum following the hard fork London.

Regarding the listing of assets on centralized exchanges, the management team indicates that it is in advanced negotiations with several of them. For the moment, no name has filtered. The holders all dream of a token listing on platforms like Coinbase or Binance. Such news would likely allow the PKN price to soar. In the coming days, the asset should be implemented on platforms like Coingecko or CoinMarketCap. Thus ensuring greater visibility.

Those who invested in Phase 1 of the ICO could influence the asset price over the medium term. Indeed, the purchase of this token at a preferential price (0.006 USD) was subject both to a higher entry ticket (10,000 USD) but also to a 12-month vesting. This means that these investors were required to hold the tokens for a period of one year. At the end of this period (September 2022), this could have an impact on the price of the PKN. A fortiori if a large number of investors were to resell their assets.

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