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“Today’s music producers are not in vogue on classical tunes,” Kavish says of the Bollywood remix

Singer Kavish Seth’s song of ‘Hindi Bole’ has become part of the trend on social media. People are liking this song of yours. Kavish, son of famous playback singer Kavita Seth, is focusing on his music career these days and in this episode he has released his first Hindi Bole song on his YouTube channel. While giving an interview to ABP News, Kavish talked about redoing songs in Bollywood. He talked about the reason for doing remake songs and also gave his opinion about it. According to Kavish, remixes are happening in Bollywood because nowadays everyone has a mobile studio. This is a low budget so everyone does it.

Kavish said: ‘People are making music on computers. Now everyone has the power to make electronic music. The melodies were very good before because before more people were familiar with classical music. Today’s music producers probably don’t have much of a bias towards that music, because if the old songs are really good, then they just remix them.

Kavish further said, “I don’t have that connection to Bollywood, so I don’t know what happens there, but whatever happens, it’s very strange.” But you will still see a lot of people creating new songs. It is a very difficult task to make every song to everyone’s liking. So if you remix the hit songs already created, you get a good hit rate and this is an easy way to reach more people.”

On the question of turning towards music while doing IIT, Kavish said that when he sat for the JEE exam, there were 3 months left to join. In such a situation, he went to learn guitar with his friend. There he came face to face with the expression. He said that he had never come across this before. Until now there was no place for how I feel and when I found expression there through music I felt like man this is bigger than IIT and I can’t let it go now this is my foundation. I’m doing it on my own, I don’t want to do Bollywood, I don’t want to do it for anyone else, I want to do it for myself.

On the question of family background being the reason for his inclination towards music, Kavish said: I see it in a slightly different way, I think everything I do should be mine. I don’t want anyone’s gift. Nobody pushed anyone for music in my house, yes, there was definitely a music atmosphere in the house because my mother used to sing. But I had to find myself. I couldn’t walk around with shame in my eyes that this isn’t mine, it’s only my mother’s. I want to know my existence. Kavish said that he went to India to know himself, there he met different artists. According to them, Privilege and Inheritance is something over which they have no right.

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