Home Sports Tobalina prepares the big events of 2022 after passing through Italy

Tobalina prepares the big events of 2022 after passing through Italy

Tobalina prepara las grandes citas de 2022 tras su paso por Italia

The Spanish champion of shot put, Carlos Tobalina, has completed a week-long concentration in Siracusa (Italy) together with other transalpine pitchers as one more stage in their preparation for the 2022 goals, when they hope to achieve the minimum mark required for both the European and for the two world championships on indoor and outdoor courts.

After achieving the national title, but without achieving the minimum required for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, what produced, as he has indicated to Efe, a “contained rage because the brand could have been much better”, he is already thinking about the new season with “demanding” minimums that would force him to improve his national record. “I am looking forward to the start of the indoor track, although the World Cup will have a very difficult minimum with 21.10 and also that of the European although it is lowered to 20.85,” said the Cantabrian pitcher.

To the difficulty of the records themselves must be added the reduction imposed on the quota of participating athletes, reducing from 32 to 26, which further complicates the possibilities according to Tobalina. Along with the three great events, next year there will also be other important competitions such as the Ibero-American Games, the European Launch Cup or the Mediterranean Games that could also enter into the plans of the disciple of Víctor Rubio.

After the victory in the Spanish championship in Getafe he detected a injury to the index finger of his right hand that caused him to interrupt training, although he resumed them in August in an “active rest”, as he specified, which has allowed him to maintain his training tone in recent months.

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