To which countries have the more than 3.2 million Ukrainian refugees fled?

This Friday at noon, the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) recorded that exactly 3,270,662 people had fled Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. Europe had not seen such a rapid influx of refugees since World War II.

Poland alone hosts more than half of all these refugees, about six out of 10. Thus, 1,975,449 people fleeing the conflict have entered its territory, according to the UNHCR count. Polish border guards, however, announced on Friday that this number exceeded two million with “mostly women with children”.

Other drop-off points: Romania and Hungary

Also according to a tally by the High Commissioner for Refugees as of March 17, 355,426 people have entered Moldova. But after their arrival in this country, one of the poorest in Europe, some of the refugees continue their journey to Romania or Hungary, often to find family.

The UN refugee agency counts that 508,692 people have gone to Romania and 282,611 to Hungary. As with Moldova, many refugees decide to move on once they are safe. 234,738 people who fled Ukraine went to Slovakia, 184,563 found refuge in Russia and 2,127 people were welcomed in Belarus.

The UN counts around two million internally displaced people and notes that four million people may want to leave the country to escape the war. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) lists 162,000 third-country nationals who have fled Ukraine.

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