to the beat of the drum

In these days of Carnival, the soccer players from Lanús squeeze the knob because they are leading the way, Leandro González Pirez disguises himself as a hero to score River’s winning goal against Tigre, and Justice takes off its mask and lifts the closure of the third South tray of the Bombonera.

And in the various parades in Buenos Aires, the funniest troupes gather to pour out their joy and creativity. In Peligro de Wolf, the king is football all year round, but on Carnival days, we become monarchists and begin to worship King Momo. Next, the most ingenious neighborhood murgas:

The “vintage” of North Flores

We are the “retro” comparsa,

the one who was going to dance with Travolta.

We used to go to the Pumper

and to the exit to Ital Park.

We all wear oxfords

shirt and also inflated jacket

We listen to Palito and Sandro,

we are in the ointment.

We want Casa Tía back

La Bidú Cola, Segba and ENTEL.

We don’t give a damn about the Corsican,

our joy is the “Volver” channel

The resentful of Parque Chacabuco

We don’t have good suits,

the sequins don’t shine at all.

We are all bitter

our float is a shit.

We don’t know how to rhyme

our little songs are not funny.

We never win prizes

that makes us more annoying.

The Nordelta milipilis

This murga was formed

on a beach in José Ignacio.

we got caught doing something

as well as going to the gym.

If you want to fill your life

don’t hesitate, get excited.

Doing murga is the most “trendy”,

after doing pilates

The couch potatoes of Villa Urquiza

We are a cholula murga

who loves TV and carnival.

It kills us to have a poster

autographed by the Legrand.

We are fans of Tinelli,

Francella and Moria Casan,

our idol is Susana,

Our King Momo is Adrián Suar.

The erectile dysfunctionals of Barrio Norte

Viagra pills

we are renowned fans.

Hope is not green

but bluish color.

Those committed to the environment of Parque Chas

This murga in carnival

does not throw shredded paper.

Since he is an ecologist:

only recycled paper.

The fashion of Palermo soho

We created this comparsa

in a bar in Las Cañitas,

we think it is very fat

that of throwing bombs.

We are a cool murga,

that stops on Honduras street,

eat sushi in a bistro

It is our greatest folly.

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