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To Spa, driven by glory

“I took some time to recharge my batteries, I have done some cycling and I have spent time with my family and friends. However, It wasn’t long before I had fun on my kart track. “ And he also did it with the Renault RS18 with the Alpine colors with which he took a historic lap in the pre-race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It sure wasn’t a bad vacation for Alonso, but it is time to get back behind the wheel of his current car to continue with the F1 World Championship in Belgium.

And he does it like the rest of the team, wanting to maintain the momentum with which they left Hungary, an unforgettable grand prize for the French. “I’m happy I had a short break, but I think We have built a good momentum towards the holidays and now we need to take it into the second half of the season. I always enjoy the first race back after the break, and there are still a lot of points at stake with the grid as tight as ever, “says the Asturian in the Alpine preview.

If returning to F1 is always great news for Alonso, even more so at Spa, a track that drivers like: “It is a great circuit and a pleasure to race in an F1, to go through Eau Rouge in these modern cars. It will be amazing, the weather can be unpredictable at times, so we have to seize every opportunity like we did in Budapest. The aim is to score as many points as possible and build on the momentum and team spirit that we demonstrated from Hungary. “

Who arrives with the motivation through the clouds is Or with. Getting the first win in F1, and in those conditions, is always special. “I did not expect to come home from the holidays as the last winner of an F1 race! It is still an incredibly special feeling, but now is the time to focus on restarting the season,” says the Frenchman, who does not want to get carried away by the excitement of his triumph: “We enjoyed the moment in Hungary and repeating that feeling would be great, but we will remain realistic.”

Team motivation

AND Budkowski, Alpine manager talks about how the team experienced the success of the Hungaroring: “It is a very important milestone for the team and a great morale boost for everyone at Enstone and Viry. Now that we know how good victory tastes, we will work even harder hard to achieve our goals and become a regular contender in the future. ” But Spa will be different because it is “it is a circuit that is less adapted” to the A521 and there won’t be any kind of improvement: “We stopped developing the car a while ago, but we will carry specific low downforce wings for Spa and Monza. “

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