To avoid the loss, Matthew Wade did an embarrassing act, he pushed the player taking the catch, Video

England defeated Australia by 8 runs in the first T20 match. In this way, the England team has advanced 1-0 in the series of 3 T20 matches. The second T20 match of this series will be played on October 12 in Canberra. However, a video of the first match of T20 is becoming increasingly viral on social networks. This viral video is from 17 of the Australian innings. Actually, it can be clearly seen in this video that the Australian bowler Matthew Wade deliberately pushed the English bowler Mark Wood. So, Mark Wood couldn’t make the catch and keep from getting out.

England fast bowler Mark Wood was bowling in the 17th of the Australian innings. Matthew Wade tried to hit a big shot on the third ball of this over, but because the timing wasn’t right, the ball got stuck in the air. Meanwhile, Kangaroo batsman Matthew Wade did a disgraceful act. In reality, he pushed Mark Wood under the guise of getting into the crease. So, Mark Wood couldn’t make the catch and keep from getting out. Mark Wood couldn’t make the catch after this embarrassing act by Matthew Wade.

Actually, the England team could have appealed ‘obstruction of the field’ against Matthew Wade, but the England team did not. Because of this, the on-field referee did not refer the matter to the third referee. Let us tell you that if the England team had appealed for ‘obstruction of the field’ against Matthew Wade, then the third umpire would have declared the kangaroo batsman out, because Matthew Wade did so intentionally. However, Matthew Wade could not take advantage of this and managed 21 runs from 15 balls. At the same time, the Australian team had to face defeat by 8 runs.

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