With the tie 2-1 and a net in case of a stumble today, Barça knows exactly what it has to do to be in the Final Four in Belgrade. They have already defeated Bayern twice in the series (four throughout the season) always starting from the defense. If the Bavarians go above 85, Barça has a problem, if they stay around 70, the tie is practically decided.

And it is that this Barça knows first-hand how to hurt Bayern in attack. Especially inside, where they are imposed by centimeters and quality to a team in which Radosevic is still touched and far from his best level. In the first game Davies shone, in the third Smits. And without forgetting Sanli and Mirotic, who don’t add up exactly little. The Hispano-Montenegrin played an excellent third game, putting the team on his back at the key moment. Eleven points in the first three minutes of the fourth quarter, killing the game.

In the best hands. But for those inside to work, it is evident that they have to get balls. And there is Calathes. The Greek gave a lesson on Wednesday at the Audi Dome, mastering the tempo of the attacks and the rhythm of the match. The other nine players on the floor played whatever Calathes wanted. The biggest beneficiary was Mirotic, always attentive to his passes, who also martyred Bayern from the free kick. With Laprovittola of two, as if that were not enough, Barça gains a lot of external threat. The only thing missing for the azulgranas is for Jokubaitis to show the best version of him, which is none other than the one he offered between January and February. He is not to be demanded less. The state of form of Abrines, disappeared in the series, and the slump of increasingly important men like Davies or Exum are worrying. Both were key in the first game, but their impact in the rest of the games has been much less.

And face a Bayern against the ropes. They need to win yes or yes today so the most intense and physical version of Trinchieri’s is expected. If Lucic is inspired, he is always a danger, but he is not the only one. Thomas, Obst or Rubit have already shown that they can cause a lot of problems for Barça. In addition, after the first defeat, they adapted very well to everything that Jasikevicius raised.


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