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In a scenario marked by rising prices, the season in which the discounts begin has become the most awaited moment for consumers to buy. Therefore, it is essential that companies are prepared to optimize their stores to sell more during the sales season.

According to a report made by aecocinflation has caused 18% of Spanish families reduce their spending on gift purchases during the Christmas campaignperhaps waiting for your favorite items to become available at a lower price.

For this reason, from Sipay, we want to briefly review the trends most valued by consumers with which businesses will be able to satisfy their main demands and, with this, increase revenue and, consequently, profits.

Combination of the online and offline channel

Nowadays, the consumers they are not looking for an experience that simply allows them to walk into a store, buy the product and leave, but rather they want something that surprises them, excites them, and makes them remember, not only the product they bought, but also the experience they lived. In short, they demand innovation, not only in the products they purchase, but also in the shopping experience itself.

Therefore, in an environment in which the barriers between the physical and digital channels are becoming less visible, businesses must offer solutions that allow unique experiences, aimed at increasing brand value and unifying the experience across all channels. , but how to get it?

The best way to do it is thanks to the omnichannela business strategy that consists of connecting all the commercial channels and processes in which the brand is present thanks to Smart Terminals, the devices that allow digital payments and application environments to be brought to physical stores.

Also, have an optimized websitewith a responsive design that adapts the ecommerce content to all screen sizes, with a clean design and ease of access and selection of the desired products will help increase sales and retain customers.

Digitization of the payment process

The customer experience is one of the additional aspects of the product that users value the most, and the moment of payment, the crucial moment for them to complete or not a purchase. Therefore, businesses must offer a fast, secure and reliable checkout to achieve their primary objective: getting consumers to buy at their establishment.

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In conclusion, a digitization of the entire payment process is necessary to make it as comfortable as possible. “The digitization of purchases increases customer loyalty to their brands, thanks to an exceptional experience at the time of payment. In many cases, this experience is related to zero friction when paying: one-click payment, pay later, payment without queues…“, according to José Luis Nevado, CEO of Sipay.

New forms of payment such as BNPL or one-click payment are essential to offer a good experience, and biometrics, an essential technology to increase the speed and security of the process. In this way, businesses will not only achieve their objective, but will increase customer security and purchase reliability.

Sustainable alternatives and free shipping

More and more Spaniards are opting for products that respect and damage our planet and our environment as little as possible. 64% of consumers say that the fact that a brand is associated with sustainability, inclusion, and social responsibility initiatives impacts their purchase decision, and 63% say they have bought organic products in the last year, according to a study carried out by Nielsen and Dynata.

Producing sustainable alternatives, for example, with the manufacture of products with recycled materials, can provide that boost that consumers need not only to spend in commerce, but to increase trust in the brand.

At the same time, one of the most contentious topics today is shipping and return policies. According to a study conducted by IESE Business School and Veepee, 51.8% of consumers acknowledge that if there are delivery costs they do not buy in stores. Making shipments at no alternative cost, despite the fact that the registered benefit decreases a priori, may be the impulse that allows businesses to increase their income in these sales. Deciding whether or not to do it will be up to each of them.

Since sipay, we are committed to technology as the engine of innovation and we see change as an opportunity, making payment a tool to help businesses sell more. Taking care of these aspects and making these changes will allow businesses to adapt to new environments and needs and, consequently, increase their benefits.

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