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Tinder launches its own currency to facilitate dating

Tinder is launching its own digital currency on its app. The goal ? Motivate users to spend more time on Tinder, by swiping, by regularly updating their profile. These coins can be exchanged for Tinder benefits, such as Super Likes or Boosts.

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Over the years, Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world, has improved its formula with the addition of many features. In June 2021, Tinder incorporated quizzes and video games, an original way to get to know someone and decide whether or not to match.

And since this summer, the dating app has stepped up its security by allowing users to verify the profile via their ID card. One way to confirm your identity and prevent the spread of fake accounts. This time, our colleagues from the Bloomberg site tell us that Tinder is about to launch a digital currency.

First tested in Australia, these parts can be obtained in remaining active on the application (by swiping, scrolling, updating their profile regularly) or directly in the app store by credit card. As the Tinder teams explain, this in-app currency will allow buy Tinder benefits, like Super Likes or Boosts.

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Tinder launches in-app currency

These “bonuses” greatly increase your chances of dating on the application. Super Likes, for example, allow you to clearly display your keen interest in a person (the like is displayed with a star and a blue border, difficult to miss) while the Boost allows you to be part of the Top profiles of the place in which you are for 30 minutes (Tinder relies on geolocation).

The app’s currency, which will be available later this month, is part of Tinder’s efforts to create a richer and more varied experience for users. And of course, the introduction of this currency will also allow Match Group, the parent company, to reap more profits from the purchase of coins.

The company also expects this currency to play “an important role as the Tinder experience evolves and becomes more immersive, as virtual currency is useful in the context of the donation of digital goods. Virtual currency will be particularly well received by our members in Asia, who are less used to subscription products. This virtual currency will first be deployed in Australia, before a possible distribution on other markets.

Source: Bloomberg

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