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Timeline of the Rubiales case

Timeline of the Rubiales case

The resignation announced this Sunday by Luis Rubialeswho was disqualified by FIFA for 90 days as president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), culminates in the episode that began during the celebrations of the victory in the Women’s World Cup on August 20 He kissed soccer player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth and touched his genitals in the penalty area.

This is the chronology of the main events related to the case:

20th of August.- During the medal ceremony of the Women’s World Cup, RFEF President Luis Rubiales kisses player Jenni Hermoso on the lips. He had previously put his hand on his genitals in the authorities’ box.

– In his first statements, the manager downplays his behavior and calls his critics “idiots,” “idiots,” and “idiots.”

– The picture of the kiss spreads on social networks. The person concerned commented on Instagram that they didn’t like it but couldn’t do anything about it.

– The RFEF publishes a statement in which it attributes Hermoso’s statements in which she downplays the facts.

August 21st.- Rubiales apologizes for his behavior, adding that “neither party had any bad intentions.”

– The champions are welcomed in Madrid by a crowd celebrating the historic victory.

August 22nd.- The digital media “Relevo” assures that the player did not make the alleged statements spread by the association, adding that she was pressured to record a video with the president.

– In a press conference, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez criticized Rubiales’ attitude and considered his apologies “inadequate”.

Aug. 23.- Jenni Hermoso calls for “exemplary measures” against Luis Rubiales in a statement published by the FUTPRO union.

– Miguel Galán, president of the National Coaches Training Center, denounces Rubiales before the Higher Sports Council for non-compliance with the Sports Code.

August 24th.- FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales.

August 25th.- During the RFEF meeting, Luis Rubiales refuses to resign and reiterates that the kiss was consensual.

– Hermoso replies that there was no consent and that he feels “vulnerable and victim of aggression.”

– Spanish players are resigning en masse to play for the national team “if the current leader continues”.

– The President of the National Women’s Football Committee, the President of the Women’s Football Committee and several presidents of provincial associations resign from their positions.

26th of August.- The RFEF issues a statement trying to refute the player’s statements with four photos.

– FIFA bans Rubiales from all activities related to domestic and international football for 90 days.

– The Higher Sports Council (CSD) accuses Rubiales of abuse of office and violation of sporting decency.

– Pedro Rocha, president of the Extremadura Federation and only acting vice-president after Rubiales dismissed everyone else, replacing him as head of the RFEF.

– Part of the technical team of the women’s football team resigns, while Luis de la Fuente, coach of the Spanish men’s team, and the coach of the women’s team, Jorge Vilda, regret the “inappropriate behavior” of Rubiales and the damage to the team’s success. Selection.

– Sponsors of the Spanish team such as Iberia, Iberdrola, Multiópticas or Seur show their support for the measures that can be taken to protect the rights of athletes.

August 27th.– American actress Natalie Portman, US women’s soccer team UN Women Spain and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock support Hermoso.

August 28th.– The public prosecutor’s office opens a case against Rubiales for an alleged crime of sexual assault.

– The Commission of Presidents of the Regional Associations of the RFEF calls on Luis Rubiales to “immediately” submit his resignation as President of the RFEF.

29th August.– The CSD sends the additional requested documents to the Sports Administrative Court (TAD).

– The RFEF deprives Rubiales of his salary and his official car and asks him to return the cell phone and computer that correspond to him as president.

August 30th.– Former referee Xavier Estrada Fernández files a complaint with the CSD against Luis Rubiales for “incorrect” use of funds.

August 31st.- FIFA President Gianni Infantino believes what happened after the Women’s World Cup final “should never have happened”.

– The RFEF excludes the possibility of a motion of no confidence against Rubiales and the holding of presidential elections before 2024.

September 1.– The TAD opens disciplinary proceedings against Luis Rubiales for two serious, not very serious, violations and does not see any abuse of authority that prevents the CSD from temporarily suspending him.

September 4th.– Players from the Spanish men’s soccer team condemn Rubiales’ “unacceptable behavior.”

5th September.– The RFEF dismisses women’s coach Jorge Vilda and places a woman at the head of the team for the first time, Montse Tomé.

September 6th.– Jennifer Hermoso denounces Rubiales before the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court for the kiss on the mouth.

September 8th.– The public prosecutor’s office filed a complaint against Rubiales for sexual harassment and coercion of Jenni Hermoso.

September 10.– Rubiales announces his resignation in a statement posted on his X Network (formerly Twitter) account.

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