Tim Burton is ‘optimistic’ for a movie rebound that ‘connects people’

I am very optimistic for cinema, an art that connects people more than others“said director Tim Burton.”A few years ago, in Hollywood, there was only one approach, everything was made for streaming, Netflix and TV“, said Saturday the director of Mars Attacks Where Edward Scissorhands. at a press conference.

Leaving Disney

But after the pandemic, “I realized that cinema was still important, that it would always be there, that it was an art form that transcended everything“, he added. Tim Burton, whose last film dates back to 2019 (Dumbo) and whose universe will be adapted in November in the Netflix series in eight episodes, Wednesdaypromised that he was not done with the cinema: “I want to be sure that the next film I make will really make sense to me.“.

The director considers that today Netflix “is a studio like any other“, and that the Hollywood industry always leaves room for different voices, “that can go under the radar, even if it’s a fight“. He says, on the other hand, that he understood at the time of Dumbo “probably ‘done’ with Disney, the studio where he started as a courier: “I realized that I was like Dumboworking in a big circus I needed to escape from“.

France 3 Rhône-Alpes: J. Sauvadon / L. Crozat / W. Vadon

A special place in Hollywood

In 35 years of career, Tim Burton has made a place for himself in Hollywood cinema, with his visual universe that is both tender and dark, Batman at beetle juice Passing by Big Fishand sleepy hollow.

The Lumière Prize was created in 2009 by the Lumière Institute. Tim Burton succeeds New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion in 2021, the Dardenne brothers in 2020 and fellow countryman Francis Ford Coppola in 2019. To receive such an honor, “It’s like attending his funeral!“, joked to Lyon Tim Burton. A compliment in the mouth of the most gothic of directors.

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