TikTok: streamers have a new way to get rid of disruptors

TikTok is adding a new control option for streamers that will allow them to mute more disturbing viewer comments during live broadcasts on the platform.

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While TikTok has already greatly increased its moderation to avoid negative comments, it is now the turn of streamers to have access to more tools to ensure healthier broadcasts. These will now be able to temporarily mute individuals for a few minutes, a few hours, or for the duration of their live broadcast.

This will allow broadcasters to make the comment space a little quieter if some people decide to disturb other viewers. All previous comments from a muted user will be deleted. ” If an account is muted for a while, that person’s comment history will also be deleted. Explains Eric Han, head of security in the United States for TikTok.

TikTok no longer wants harassment on its app

According to Han, TikTok’s recent additions have gone a long way in combating harassment on the platform. According to figures from TikTok, features that encourage you to think twice before posting a comment ” unkind or prejudicial Would have brought about four out of ten people edit or delete their comment completely.

Additionally, according to its second quarter report on enforcing community guidelines, the company says it is also improving in eliminating inappropriate videos. Indeed, Han announces that 73.3% of harassment videos were deleted before users reported them, while this figure was 66.2% in the previous quarter. In addition, 72.9% of videos showing hateful behavior were deleted in the second quarter, up from 67.3% previously.

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Twitter’s Crusade Against Harassment therefore seems to bear fruit, but the company obviously cannot totally get rid of it, which is why the social network has recently committed itself against suicide by offering a toll-free number to users. Other social networks like Twitter have also taken new steps against harassment. The latter now offers a mode that automatically blocks troll accounts.

Source: TikTok

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