TikTok Shop, a new rival for Amazon?

TikTok wants to fight Amazon and plans to lead the ecommerce. The application has announced the launch of TikTok Shop in the United States, a new functionality that allows users to make purchases directly from the app, without going to a third-party website. Before the United States, TikTok Shop was available in the UK and seven countries in South East Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Singapore).

“We have seen the positive impact of TikTok Shop and are excited to continue testing this new commerce opportunity to support businesses of all sizes”they comment from the chinese company. “TikTok Shop is an innovative new ‘shopping’ feature that allows retailers, brands and creators to display and sell their items directly on TikTok through in-feed, live videos and the product tab”reiterates the social network.

But not everything are advantages. The truth is that not all retailers can benefit from this new functionality. At the moment, those interested in subscribing to the TikTok Shop must show a invitation code to access the application. According to publish traffic lightthe app is inviting only “select” retailers to take part in TikTok Shop, but it’s unclear which companies have or have not been honored with an invite.

TikTok will keep a commission from each sale

Among the features of the service, the ByteDance subsidiary promises “higher quality traffic, better user experience and seamless collaboration with creators”.

Although retailers do not have to pay anything to take part in TikTokShopthe social network will keep a commission from each sale made on its platform. “The commission applied for each product sale is 5%which will be reduced to 1.8% during the first 90 days after registration and will increase to 5% after those 90 days have elapsed.points out the social network.

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TikTok began taking its first steps in ecommerce last year with its alliance with Shopify with the aim of allowing users to make in-app purchases on the social network. Also in February this year, TikTok parent ByteDance launched Fannoan online shopping application.

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