TikTok prepares its own AI chatbot: Tako

TikTok wants to join the AI ​​chatbot trend and is preparing its own. They are currently testing this bot, which is called Tacoin select markets with the aim of making it easier for TikTok users to find content.

«We are in the early stages of exploring chatbot tools with a limited trial of Tako with select users in the Philippines“, explains TikTok in a post published on Twitter.

To access the TikTok bot, users have to look for it on the right side of the TikTok interface, above the user’s profile and the like, comment and bookmark buttons, as explained in techcrunch. In this way, the user can obtain personalized recommendations, make queries and navigate through the platform.

The website watchful.ia has explained that “By engaging in direct dialogue with each user, Tako can recommend the most relevant content to watch or creators to follow, based on videos viewed and questions asked. This personalized approach adds a new dimension to the user experience, catering to individual interests and preferences.«.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot by Watchful.ai

Staying at the forefront of innovation is critical to building the TikTok experience, and we’re always exploring new technologies that add value to our community.”, a TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch. To develop Tako they are collaborating with an external artificial intelligence provider that is not yet known.

Another social network that has also launched its chatbot is Snapchat. Although other platforms such as Meta have also expressed their intention to introduce AI in WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

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