TikTok may soon be banned in Europe, here’s why

TikTok may soon be banned in Europe, here's why

The “dragon” of date and user information, TikTok has to be controlled in Europe. This is the ratio expressed by the European regulator after the recent meeting with the CEO of the group, Shou Zi Chew. Although this social network wants to convey the idea of ​​being another social network that operates in the West, if it wants to continue to be present in Europe, TikTok will have to change.

The Chinese company Bytedace has challenged Google’s dominance over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even YouTube. He did it with the fast, relaxed and uncomplicated content format. However, in the absence of a regulation that respects the processing of user data, especially its mainly young and child audience, it could be prohibited in Europe.

TikTok may be banned in Europe after being attacked by the US.

Tik Tok

THE European Union has just put this Chinese company in the spotlight of its investigations, wanting to urgently impose the same rules to which other social networks and services are subject. The objective? Make TikTok a secure social network that is minimally respectful of user privacy.

With younger audiences comes greater responsibility. As a platform reaching millions of young Europeans, #TikTok must fully comply with EU law, in particular the #DSA.I asked TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew to demonstrate, as soon as possible, not only efforts but results. pic.twitter.com/3B8yGaIQp2

— Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) January 19, 2023

The investigation was led by the European Commissioner thierry breton, responsible for the internal market in the European Commission. The regulator expressed clear dissatisfaction with TikTok’s current data privacy policy, namely:

“It is not acceptable that users have access to content that is violent and potentially dangerous to their physical integrity,” referring to the lack of moderation of content on the social network.

A young audience, made up mostly of children and minors, is a tremendous responsibility, Breton said. That is why the European Union is particularly concerned about TikTok.

The dangers for TikTok users

Are some social networks a wolf in disguise?✅ Dance routines❌ Deadly challenges❌ Cyberbullying❌ Disinformation❌ Promotion of eating disorder habits❌ Transfer of personal data outside the EU❌ Spying on reporters🔜 Get ready for the #DSA

— Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) January 19, 2023

The European commissioner does not spare criticism of TikTok, comparing it to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Far beyond the TikTok dances and random content, there are the occasional “potentially dangerous viral challenges”, cyberbullying, misinformation and misinformation, among other behavior objectionable from the perspective of the European regulator.

On a personal level, although the current trend of the European Union is to control more and more aspects and areas of our daily lives, I cannot help but agree with your concerns about TikTok.

This information “dragon” is, in Breton’s words, “spying on its users”, collecting more information and data than any other social network.

The “Dragon” in disguise with an insatiable appetite for user data

“The EU’s inactivity towards TikTok has been naive,” one MEP told me. “The TikTok data dragon must be placed under the surveillance of the European authorities.” my report for@CBSNewson how a backlash against TikTok is spreading across Europe

— Emmet Lyons (@EmmetlyonsCBS) January 20, 2023

By the way, this very topic has already been the subject of a survey carried out by colleagues from the the edge, then leveraging data storage for US users outside of China. Having already been criticized several times for doing little to respect users’ privacy, the social network has tried, and so far has succeeded, to go essentially unnoticed.

The piece refers to the interview granted by the CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew to the The New York Timeswanting to know how user data is processed and stored in the West.

On the other hand, the European Union will not arbitrarily ban any platform. However, as the post highlights Bloombergthere are clear rules to comply with in the community space.

Moderation and application of the DSA in Europe under penalty of blocking

The European Union wants to apply to TikTok its regulatory framework known as digital Services Act, or simply DSA. The social network was urged to comply with these regulations, however failure to do so could effectively be banned in Europe.

Thierry Breton thus hopes to end several of the problems reported to TikTok. Among the main highlights is the false information distributed and promoted by robots operating on the social network, as well as exposing children to dangerous content.

In short, TikTok needs to establish a strong core and moderation mechanisms. if you wish to continue operating in the European Union.


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