TikTok continues to track iOS users, Apple blocks all App Store updates

Last May, the tech world was turned upside down with the arrival of a new feature in iOS 14.5: ad anti-tracking, also known as ATT. Thanks to the latter, users can finally decide whether or not to allow apps to collect their data for advertising purposes. Naturally, this feature didn’t appeal to everyone. Facebook is arguably the fiercest opponent of this unprecedented move.

But Mark Zuckerberg’s social network isn’t the only one that was stunned by the arrival of iOS 14.5. Many apps rely on their users’ data to generate income. Also, TikTok isn’t the most virtuous platform in this regard. In addition to forcing their members to view targeted ads, the application does everything to circumvent Apple’s system. They ended up finding a solution, in the sweet name of CAID.

CAID is an alternative data collection method that is based on the TikTok algorithm. The latter works wonderfully since iOS does not detect the tracking of the application. However, Apple is not fooled. Knowing full well that TikTok continues to track its users despite the restrictions, the Cupertino company was forced to sanction.

“The Chinese app ecosystem was collectively baiting the bulls with CAID, believing Apple couldn’t afford to ban all major apps from the market. Apple took its word for it and appears to have regained control of the situation by aggressively tapping the fingers of early developers before the process gained popularity”, explains Alex Bauer, manager of the Agency.

Apple appears to have found a workaround. From now on, TikTok can no longer deploy updates to the App Store as long as it is part of CAID. Enough to demonstrate authority, avoiding a retrial like the one that currently pits him against Epic. The Chinese social network has, in theory, no choice but to change its algorithm if it wants to continue using the App Store.

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