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TikTok begins migrating European user data

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European TikTok users’ data will be stored in the company’s first data center on the continent.. The social network announced the opening of a data center in Ireland in 2020, saying at the time that it expected to open in the region in early 2022. This time frame was later pushed back to the end of 2022 and then again to 2023. Date it happened.

The company confirmed this The first data center is already in operation, at least partially, while the process of migrating user data to the new installation is underway. Additionally, TikTok confirmed in March that there would be two additional new centers in Europe: a second data center in Dublin and a third in the Hamar region of Norway, powered by 100% renewable energy.

As an interim measure, the company has begun storing the personal data of users in Europe, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in a special secure area, although it is currently located in the United States.

Clover Project

The initiative, through which TikTok introduces a series of new measures to improve existing data protection, It’s called Project Clover.

The project also includes engaging an external European security company to monitor and audit controls, safeguards and data flows, as well as provide independent verification and reporting of any incidents. The It is responsible for overseeing its data security measures NCC Group.

NCC Group is a cybersecurity company with a long global history. The company has offices across Europe, including Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Teams from different European and UK offices will work on this program. NCC Group is accredited by TIBER-EU and is a CHECK company approved by the UK National Cyber ​​​​Security Center (NCSC).

As an independent security provider, NCC Group monitors the data entering and leaving the secure environment to independently verify that only authorized employees can access limited types of data. NCC Group will conduct ongoing security assessments of the security gateways it builds around European user data, the TikTok app, its data centers and other TikTok infrastructure.

In the coming months, TikTok and NCC Group will work with policymakers across Europe to explain how this comprehensive system will work in practice.

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