TikTok adds themed feeds focused on sports, fashion, gaming and food

TikTok It has positioned itself as one of the most popular platforms in recent years. The social network has added new thematic feeds to its home page. In order to adapt to the needs of users, they hope to reach their target audience much better with video categories that interest them.

Now, in addition to the topics of “Follow-up” and “For you”, you can find content on sports, fashion, games and food. It comes a way to increase the autonomy of users about what they want to see at that moment or stay up to date. Currently the app feeds are not organized. Instead, they display a range of different types of content in a matter of minutes. For example, when we find a funny dog ​​video and then a sad story appears.

New ways to reach the audience

Thus, with these new categories it will be possible to select the type of content you want to see at that moment. For those who are interested in game contents, they will be much better reached from the corresponding category and can be easily explored by moving the screen up or down. In addition, the option to interact with the videos will continue as usual within the app, but the new feeds offer a seamless way to view specific types of content.

It is not yet known if TikTok plans to continue with these four categories or if they will add others in the future, but with this change they have taken a big step. Other social networks have also categorized the videos by theme. YouTube has had topic categories at the top of its homepage for quite some time, allowing users to find content they’re particularly interested in, whether it’s music, games, or podcasts.

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