Tigre to the final!: eliminated Argentinos and will play against Boca

He unmarks himself, asks for it and receives it. She steps on it, raises her head, looks for the best option and takes the long pass. It is not 10 or 5, nor is it 2 on the right foot. It is Marinelli, the goalkeeper, almost always placed as a libero. From it, Tigre proposed quick attacks, jumping lines and piling up people in a danger zone. Not in vain Diego Martínez lined up four attackers above 1.80 meters. In Argentinos, on the other hand, only one of their defenders exceeded that number of centimeters. Thus, the clearest part of the Matador was through the arrivals at the bottom of Zabala (1.87) although without aim with his headers.

The Bicho thing was something more elaborate – not that much either – and, therefore, slower. Gabriel Milito’s team built through the short pass until they reached their attacking reference, the solitary Ávalos.

In any case, his best emotions came after individualities: a distant shot from Carabajal and an onslaught from Vera. Both coincided with a couple of small avalanches in the popular grandstand that they occupied in the Huracán field, at that time behind Marinelli, but they had nothing to do with the game.

It is that during the first half there were shoves, slaps and even some fist bumps in the visiting gallery of Tomás A. Ducó, almost in tune with Castaño-Charlo last night. The one who lost by knockout in this case was a boy in shorts and torso, who kissed the canvas after a blow that he did not see coming. Already recovered, he resumed his position in the area of ​​​​the bar and the pushes restarted. They definitely didn’t want it.

Another who was infected by applying corporal punishment was Florentín. The 10 of Argentinos was very hard for Prediger and he won the red card with some delay, via VAR. If Tigre’s 1 handled the ball, it was not surprising then that the bug 10 stands out more for his kicks than for his luxuries. The world upside down.

Argentinos, who had just played with one less for almost half an hour against Estudiantes, this time suffered an expulsion at the close of the first half. Tigre soon took advantage. At 54, Retegui made the diagonal, Zabala enabled it and the burly former Boca sent the center for the arrival of Castro: 1 to 0.

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The advantage was deserved for the Matador, perhaps because he had flirted a little more with the generation of danger and, above all, because none of his men committed any madness like Florentín.

But the Matador’s sin was not a punctual play: his madness was to get exaggeratedly behind before a decimated rival and deliver the ball with no other intention than the passing of the minutes. And when everything was a hymn to victory on the part of the Tigrense bias, Ávalos took time in the area to invent a great definition, equalize the match at 87 and arouse the cries of illusion from the people of Bicho. The history of La Plata, with Argentines coming back with one less, was back.

In penalties, the difference was not long in coming. Vera – one of the best of the game along with Prediger – could not with Marinelli in the first shot and, after a while, Salazar ran into the crossbar. Reniero did the same and the recently promoted Tigre got into the final by hitting his three shots to the madness of the thousands of fans who came to Parque Patricios. Faces will be seen with Boca in Córdoba, as when in 2019 Pipo Gorosito’s team -already relegated- beat Alfaro, Tevez, Benedetto and company.

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