The surprise came very quickly at the Monumental stadium. Tigre was the one who attacked first against a static River, and through Retegui he aroused the attention of the public.

The former Boca shot from outside the area to risk Armani, who had to make an effort to send the ball to the corner. The visiting team insisted again, and in their second approach he took advantage through Retegui himself.

Zabala broke away from the left, sent the center and the striker headed to change the direction almost with the back of his head. The stretch of the goalkeeper could not prevent the goal of those of Victoria. The match had lasted just four minutes.

River began to look in attack once at a disadvantage, with the intention of reaching the tie immediately. Enzo Fernández tried from a distance and the ball went very close; and later Pochettino came from the front and his cross left shot went the other way.

The overtaking of the local allowed Tigre to use the counterattack as an option, and the curiosity was that it generated some opportunities to increase the difference, but Armani increased his figure to avoid it. that landscape showed mismatches in River’s defense, something that had not exhibited in recent games.

River’s game changed in the second half, and De La Cruz fell back a few meters to have more contact with the ball. That way, the circuit in the midfield was more fluid, and the local had more possession of the ball.

Julián Alvarez, who had not had much participation up to that point, He finished off a half-turn after four minutes and found Marinelli well stopped.

It was difficult for River to enter the rival area clearly, and Enzo Fernández tried again from afar. The midfielder shot from the right after receiving the ball from De La Cruz, and the located in the angle to mark the tie. River went over Tigre, with the push transmitted by people from outside, to reach the imbalance.

What the public did not expect was the error of Paulo Díaz, who wanted to give a pass and ended up serving the ball to Colidio. The other former Boca faced the center of the area, and when Armani came out he touched her from the side to convert the second goal.

River’s final reaction -Palavecino dropped into the area asking for a penalty- was not enough, and Tigre clung to that advantage to become the last semi-finalist of the League Cup.


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