Tigers and dragons will not be the champions: the great international fiasco of India and China

Are two economic powersare the first in the space race to the moon, have dangerous military potential and, above all, are the two most populous countries in the world. But they are incapable of scoring a goal, let alone winning a game.

He major international failure of India and China It is neither political nor economic nor military. It’s football. Between the two they add up 2.8 billion people. More than a third of the world’s population was born there and are therefore, in proportion, potential football stars.

But the Blue Tigers, as the Indian team is calledand that Dragons, the nickname of the Chinese teamThey don’t scare anyone. In fact, recently Asian Cup football Both teams were eliminated in the first phase. The harmless Indian Cats lost all three games and failed to score a goal. Things didn’t go much better in the home of the Dragons with two 0-0 draws and one defeat.

Fear of Chinese military power

And yet they are two economic and political powers. In China’s case, the innocence of its strikers stands in contrast Fear that his army producesin a permanent state of attacking Taiwan in order to annex the country (especially after the recent elections on the island) and with constant threats in the China Sea.

As for India, in addition to having a modern economy, it is also a nuclear power with an unstable neighborhood with Pakistan, which is also nuclear. The latest challenge to Narendra Modi’s nationalist government was the inauguration of a controversial temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Ram in Ayodhya, on the same site where a mosque was previously demolished.

Why are these two superpowers unable to get on the bandwagon of this beautiful sport, which is undoubtedly the best showcase in the world, and pile up one failure after another?

India has other priorities

In the case of India (which has not taken part in a World Cup and has only one Asian Cup runner-up finish), experts point to three factors: insufficient investmentsthe lack of competitive rhythm and the strict laws that prevent the growth of this sport, which by no means represents the majority.

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The world’s most populous country is ranked 102nd in the FIFA rankings, a backpack that discourages the country’s football authorities, who avoid organizing matches of a certain level to avoid humiliation. Another problem, according to the analysis by the Efe news agency, is that the association rejects the nationalization of players, which is common practice in other countries, or the conscription of footballers of Indian origin who were born in other countries.

After all, the king of sports in the world is not in India, where cricket rules, So there is an obvious problem of lack of investment. The budget increases in recent years have been inadequate in every respect.

Problems with team sports

In the case of China there was an attempt to do so Creating a competitive domestic soccer league with just one checkbook, following the example of what Saudi Arabia has done. The company has failed, the big stars prefer petrodollars and those who have made it to the Chinese Super League (including former Atl├ętico Yannick Carrasco) are playing in a second division championship and in a country that prefers the stars to follow the European teams.

The second disadvantage of Chinese football lies in the sports mentality of the country’s authorities, who prefer to promote individual sports rather than team sports. In fact, football is no exception and it is rare for Chinese national teams to be in the top spots.

Instead, it strengthens gymnasts, swimming, badminton, weightlifting, athletics, shooting, boxing or cycling, specialties in which there are many categories and the chances of winning a medal are much greater. With the same investment, better results are achieved.

Actually the one Achieved 88 medals at the Olympic Games In Tokyo 2021, only one (3×3 basketball) was a team sport selection as such.

Both Chinese and Indians will continue to enjoy sporting, economic or political pleasures in the years to come. But that, predictably, will not be thanks to their footballers

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