Tiger Shroff calls on people to save the environment and plant trees

Actor Tiger Shroff, on a special environment-related program in Mumbai today, expressed concern about the depletion of forests in Mumbai and other cities, the rapid reduction in vegetation and the damage that climate change is causing to the world. .

Over the past 25 years, the ‘Bhamla Foundation’, working in the field of social work and the environment, has started a new campaign to increase vegetation (afforestation) in cities and to plant more and more trees in cities. Tiger Shroff has been appointed as a brand ambassador for this new campaign and, in this capacity, he was also present as a special guest of this special event in Mumbai.

Tiger Shroff said on this occasion: “We all have a responsibility to protect this earth. Climate change is witnessing many things and is a great threat to us. Any change starts from our home, whether it is a matter of saving water or changing turn off the lights … we have to take responsibility for all things. It is not just about planting a tree. It is about a city, not a country. Rather, afforestation should be promoted worldwide and Efforts must be made to save the environment.

Tiger Shroff calls on people to save the environment and plant trees

Tiger said that only small efforts of all kinds bring changes in society and the country and as responsible citizens, everyone should work and try to change the environment on this earth.

Erik Solheim, who is associated with the United Nations Environment Program and known for his efforts to save the environment around the world, said about the new initiative of the ‘Bhamla Foundation’ for the city of Mumbai, that we must take care of the existing ones. environment and all efforts must be made to save this type of vegetation and our focus should not be that after the destruction of the environment of a place, it must be restored again. He also drew attention to the neglect of the environment, forest degradation and rapid deterioration around the world and called for strong and important steps to be taken to save the global environment.

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On this occasion, Asif Bhamla, founder of the ‘Bhamla Foundation’, speaking about the work that his organization is doing in the field of the environment for 25 years, said that the rapid reduction of vegetation in urban areas and the rapid tree decline is of great concern subject to. He said that this new initiative has been taken to publicize the issue. Regarding Tiger Shroff, he said that by being a youth icon, Tiger Shroff will be able to play an important role in raising awareness among people about the environment.


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